The job that I’ve spent the last year learning is not the one I’ll have

Incredible!!! I have 3 years (May 9) until I retire and I am on a journey searching for what my true gift is…

Incredible!!! I have spent 30 years in the United States Marine Corps, and I have met a lot of friends, trained a lot men, traveled around the world, explored a lot of different foods, cultures, collected  a lot of memorabilia, and had many restless night.  But I must say after all of my experiences, my life has remains focused on the people that I have met along the way.   


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Being the Editor-in-Chief of The Daily Tar Heel was an incredible learning experience. We made excellent strides with our reporting, we took big stands on important issues and we beautifully chronicled the best and the worst of this year.

The sad thing is that, for many people in our class, this post will probably be the first time they learn about some of our progress this year.

In some ways, it’s humbling to realize that this newspaper that I spend a lot of hours slaving over isn’t really beloved by my peers in the same way.

And that’s because we don’t read news the way our parents did. And we never will.

This class didn’t teach me that. Professors have been squawking that at me for many many years now.

Print is dying. It’s an expensive product to love. And general mangers, publishers and editors the world over must…

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