Top 10 Planners for 2020

These are my top ten choices for the 2020 planners. My favorite is number 10. There are many planners, but the one that you use should be suitable for your lifestyle. There are many cases when you may want more that one planner. These planners can be purchased at Michaels, Walmart, Target, Joann, Amazon and their parent company websites.

1. Daily/Monthly Planner

2. Vision Planner

3. The Happy Planner

4. Blue Sky The Parent Planner

5. The Happy Planner – Budget Edition

6. The Happy Planner – Wellness Edition

7. The Happy Planner – Fitness Edition

8. Erin Condren Life Planner

9. Leather Planner

10. Blue Sky The Habit Tracker

This planner/ tracker can be found at your local Walmart for $12.84. Good Luck finding it!!!



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