How to make Water with Lime

  • Benefits of drinking lime water are
    1. Promotes drinking water
    2. Energizes the body
    3. Great source of antioxidants
    4. Helps promote skin health and fights signs of aging
    5. Supports digestive health
    6. Boosts immune health
    7. Boosts brain power
    8. Supports metabolism and weight loss
    9. Provides nourishment for healthy kidneys
    10. Helps your body absorb iron
    11. Relieves inflammation
    12. Lowers blood sugar
    13. May support joint health
    14. Helps with heartburn
    15. Reduces chances of cancer
    16. Helps prevent kidney stones
    17. Prevents the growth of micro-organisms
    18. Fights infections
    19. Controls blood pressure
    20. Banishes Bad Breath


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