Preparing and Setting up a Buffet Line for Barbecue or Cookout

Setup a buffet line, so that your family and friends will have ease at getting their plates and loading their plates with the best food they’ve had all day.  Begin the buffet line with the plates and bowls so that your guests can serve themselves.  Next, place the many meal choices for their plates.  Then, you want to have a dish, bowl or saucer for the salad, fruit, or other cold dishes.  Afterwards, you can place the napkins and silverware at the end.  It would be nice if the desserts have their own place along side their own saucers, bowls, silverware, and napkins.  The beverages should also be separated from the food, so that your guest does not have to juggle too many dishes at one time or disturb the flow of the buffet line when going back for their beverage of choice or their dessert.  If time permits, you can have some beverages, such as tea and lemonade prepared.

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