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“Our lives are to be used and thus to be lived as fully as possibly and truly it seems that we are never so alive as when we concern ourselves with other people.”

—Harry Chapin

Life has a way of taking us into many directions.  It is in these places that we find our happiness and joy; and enjoy the best that life has to offer us.  We must first establish a firm foothold in our daily activities with society only then can we cultivate realization and understand the essence of the mind.  A person’s pride will humble her, but a humble spirit will gain honor.  Don’t allow your ego to take over your heart.  Wisdom comes only when you stop looking for and start living the life the creator intended for you (Hopi Proverb).  Avoid self-destruction, it is the calm and silent water that downs a man (African Proverb).  A silent mouth is sweet to hear (Irish Proverb).   

A Beautiful Mind is a terrible thing to waste. To learn one must listen. One must daily tickle your intelligence by keeping the old for wisdom and moving forward with strong and active faith. Realizing to live your dream, there has to be growth in your life.



The DIY Exchange is your DIY blog. The DIY Exchange is a do-it-yourself blog with DIY, home decorating, home and garden, DIY projects, style boards, decorating boards, and vision boards. It is filled with DIY tips, ideas, examples, projects, crafts, and all things DIY. I would like to welcome you to The DIY Exchange, DIY blog.  

Design is a passionate behavior that stimulates the mind of creativity. I can create a decorative scheme that will deliver happy+ness. This blog features my DIYs, my design ideas, and tools and resources to assist the home decorator whether they are beginners or advanced. I am a fun, fearless, female that believes in the power of self. I love designing the home, the design of fashion, and the culinary art. I am a domestic lover.  

I ask that you continue to explore the creativity, expressions, inspiration, and motivation of The DIY Exchange, DIY blog, which will share interesting ideas, projects, tools, and resources for the beginner to the advanced DIYer. Behold the power of doing it yourself. 


Creativity comes from looking for the unexpected and stepping outside of your own experience…