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Spring Cleaning 2023

It’s time to ensure that all corners and crevices and walls and upholstery and furniture everything we have is wiped, dusted, vacuumed, and cleaned. It’s a time to have fun!!!

For me Spring Cleaning gives me a chance to refresh my home and gives me the chance to maintenance my home as it should be done. Luckily for me… I like Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter cleaning. Our goal should be to refresh ourselves and get ready for every season and all reasons.

For the next 31 days we will embark on a spring cleaning journey for 2023. I will give you +31 tips and ideas on how to get your home in tiptop shape, ready, and refreshed for the spring. My goal is mentor and motivate you to clean, sanitize, organize, and decorate your space.

  • The first list we should make is our playlist, the music we want to play the podcast we want to listen to whatever makes you feel great and motivates you to do the cleaning task.
  • The next list we need to have is our list of resources, tools, and cleaning gear that’s our vacuum, dust pan, brooms and mop. Also our cleaning wipes, spays foam era, disinfects, bath and body works scents and whatever you use to clean and keep your house clean, sanitized and refreshed.

I have a few lists below for your use to help aid in the accomplishment of your Spring Cleaning Mission. I will upload new lists and edit lists whenever I need to add to them.

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  • Vacuum
  • Textile/cleaning rag
  • All-purpose Cleaner
  • Glass
  • Rubber gloves
  • Broom
  • Toilet Bowl Cleaner
  • Washing liquid
  • Paper towel
  • Scrub Brush
  • Mop
  • Toilet brush
  • Bucket
  • Oven and Grill Cleaner
  • Squeegee
  • Spray bottles
  • Disinfectant
  • Dustpan
  • Lint Roller
  • Sponge
  • Baking soda
  • Bleach

This is a very generic list and I will be making suggestions regarding more information throughout this month.

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The Ultimate Craft Room Tour — catch

Creating Happy+ness

thinking design, creative solutions


Total Floor Area



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The Craft Room in my home is my favorite room in the house. When creating the craft room, my first thought was which craft activities I wanted to explore.  I decided that I wanted to go gift wrapping, vinyl crafts, t-shirts, wood appliqués, jewelry making, pillow cases, throw pillows, card making, paper crafts, sewing, embroidery, and most of all decorating.

I knew that I needed a place to store both my equipment and supplies in my craft room, so I purchased two (2) oversized cabinets from Lowes to store my equipment and supplies.  I also decided that I wanted some open shelving for some of my equipment and I wanted island storage cabinet for my gift warp center.

I purchased opening shelving from IKEA to store my SilhouetteCameo, Singer Sewing Machine, an Embroidery Machine.  I purchased in-stock cabinets from Lowes (Diamond NOW), to assemble my gift wrapping island/center, for the purpose of storing my gift wrap resources and other items.  On my L-shaped countertop I placed my heat press, my hat press, my computers, and markers.  I use the surface to work on my projects.  I have a desk that I use when I am sewing and also to hold my master (default) printer on the top of its surface.  each side of the desk has surfaces and places for sorting and storing books, magazines, and paper.  I also keep my office products inside my desk drawer.

This Ultimate Craft Room has been a Dream Come True!!!




Creativity is exploring the  opportunity to express personal thoughts and ideas that are embedded in the mind of the creator.

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Journaling in 2021


The purpose of journaling is to keep track of daily activities occurrences, self-examining, and reflecting.  It’s an EverydayBook!!!  

Journaling is therapeutic and helps mentally with releasing stress, anxiety, depression, and healing.  According to research one significant benefit of journals is journaling, it encourages healing from the inside- out by strengthening your immune system.  Research also shows that when one journals it helps to speed up recovery by increasing self-knowledge because it helps to get in touch with your mental state, including one’s emotions, thoughts, feelings, and worth.

Journals may also be used to record plans and help (1) set, (2) track, and (3) record your goals.  Some types of journals include: personal, gratitude, personal development, spiritual, physical fitness/exercise, wellness, prayer, food/recipe

My Journal Strengthens Me Emotionally

Hello Beautiful

Journaling helps with insight, growth, and change!!! Through Problem Solving! Life Management! Creative Expression! Emotional Healing!


Black History Month

Black History Month is an annual observance originating in the United States, where it is also known as African-American History Month. It has received official recognition from governments in the United States and Canada, and more recently has been observed in Ireland, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. It began as a way of remembering important people and events in the history of the African exodus. It is celebrated in February in the United States and Canada, while in Ireland, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom it is observed in October.

Although the Trans-Atlantic slave trade brought a majority of the slaves to the United States, many Africans also migrated to the United States voluntarily. Today, many people continue to emigrate from various countries in Africa to the United States. The number of African-born Americans has increased from 1,183,316 in 2000 to over 1,676,413 in 2010. The top countries of origin for the African-born people living in the United States include Kenya, Ghana, Egypt, Ethiopia, and Nigeria. The United States has an African Diaspora population of over 46.4 million people which is about 13.6% of the entire country’s population.  This is the 2d largest diaspora population in the world to Brazil which is Number 1.

Black History Message of the Day

exodus / (ˈɛksədəs) / noun the act or an instance of going out

The African Diaspora describes people of African origin, living outside of the continent by choice, or most predominantly against their will, due to the Transatlantic slave trade. The diaspora is vast, and includes displaced Africans living in numerous countries all around the world. A synonym for diaspora is exodus.

The Best Planners for 2021

Every year we claim that we are going to do things different, but we charge forward without a plan. Start this year with the best planner that fits your needs.

thinking design, creative solutions

It’s 2021!!! And we are all excited about the newness of our lives.  Each of us have vowed to make positive changes in how we live our lives.  Whether it’s a stronger prayer life, healthier living through food and exercise, meditation or yoga, planning and organizing both our living spaces and our daily activity, and releasing those habits that stand in our way of being successful in our own eyes.  We all want newness to blossom in our lives, but we must do the work.  

One tool I use to start my new beginnings and declare newness is with paper and a writing instrument.  I began by jotting down my thoughts and ideas and mind mapping from there.

I use the ROCKETBOOK core and  ROCKETBOOK pandaplanner with the pilot Frixion ball pen, so that I can make as many changes as I want and electronically file my thoughts.  You can also use paper and pencil or pen and write “notes to self” regardless of what tool you use, the key to being successful is beginning.    

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The Goal Planner


There are 1000s of calendars, planners, and personal organizers.  Each of these tools may be used to help us create a plan and organize our lives. 

The first step in planning is to decide on the size of planner: Big approximately 8 1/2 x 11, Classic approximately 7 x 9, Mini 4 1/2 x 7, Skinny approximately 4 x 9. 

Next, choose a type: Vertical, Horizontal, Dashboard, Monthly, Weekly, Monthly/Weekly, Hourly. 

Then, select the style that you like, such as floral, bling, colors, one color, budget, wellness, faith, teacher, student, homebody, or visionary. 

Planners come both Undated or Dated (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Weekly/Monthly, Yearly).  The pages of the planners are lined and blank.  Stay focused on your planning goals and revisit your calendarly daily or weekly so that your planner can effectively and efficiently increase your productivity and the time that you have available for self-interest goals. Planning will help you create a vision for your life, define and breakdown your short and long-term goals in each area of your life and incorporate these goals into your monthly, weekly and daily agenda.



  1. Rocketbook Panda Planner
  2. Blue Sky
  3. Clever Fox
  4. Panda Planner
  5. Day Designer
  6. Bloom
  7. Cambridge
  8. Artfan
  9. At-A-Glance
  10. Smart Planner Pro
  11. Christian Planner
  12. Tools 4 Wisdom
  13. Boxclever
  14. The Happy Planner
  15. Prayer Journal

Click on a planner to view the details and purchase:

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Planning Your 2021 with a plan… A plan without a plan is really just an idea without action

Click on Tool to Review an assortment…

  1. Planner
  2. Writing Instruments
  3. Markers
  4. Stickers
  5. Labels
  6. Sticky Notes
  7. Washi Tape
  8. Paper Clips
  9. Ruler
  10. Case for Writing Tools
  12. Pocket Dividers
  13. Elastic Bands
  14. Pen Holder
  15. Clamps
  16. Elastic Closure
  17. String or Twine
  18. Rubber bands

Styles of calendars, planners, and personal organizers:


 * Notebook

 * Journal

 * Binder

 * Wall

 * Notepad 


Journal Ideas

Below are a list of popular planners.  I know this list is not exclusive but it is definitely a list of a select few of my favorites.  I have included a description of each of the included comparisons.  To access the descriptions click on the name of the planner you would like to explore.  These are overall descriptions of these planners but each of these brands have many different types and styles of planners.  


Rocketbook Panda Planner

• Plan your future with a futuristic planner!Rocketbook partnered with Panda Planner to combine inspiration with innovation. Find inspiration in the Rocketbook Panda Planner’s reusable monthly, weekly, and daily planning pages which help you take back control of your life, one page at a time.
• Use the innovative synthetic paper which allows you to write smoothly with a Pilot FriXion pen, then magically wipe your planner clean with a damp cloth to crush your life goals year after year.
• The planner includes one page for annual planning, 3 monthly planning undated calendars, four pages for goals which allow you to set goals for family & friends, relationship, personal development & achievement, health & fitness, and wealth & finance.  It also allows you to prioritize what is most important to: goals, metrics, milestones and habits. It helps guide you to creating a roadmap, face obstacles, challenges.  The last two pages of goals are centered on motivation. There are 4 weekly pages, 10 daily pages, and 5 note pages.

Blue Sky

• January 2021 – December 2021 stylish day planner, featuring 12 months of monthly and weekly pages for easy year-round planning and scheduling with 6 bonus monthly pages are included.
• Monthly view pages contain previous and next month reference calendars for long-term planning, and a notes section for important projects.
• Weekly view pages offer ample lined writing space for more detailed planning, allowing you to keep track of your appointments, to-dos, reminders and ideas.
• Life planner includes a convenient list of holidays, reference calendars, contacts pages and extra notes pages to accommodate your scheduling needs

Printed on high quality white paper for clean writing space, with premium quality covers and durable, coated tabs that withstand constant use throughout the year

Clever Fox

• This is an advanced version of the daily. It has a separate page for each day of the week , with an hourly schedule, today’s main goal, priorities, personal to-do list and daily reflection. It will help you create a vision for your life, define and breakdown your short and long-term goals in each area of your life, and incorporate these goals into your monthly, weekly, and daily agenda. Stop procrastinating and start turning your big dreams into reality!
• An important feature of this planner is that it is undated; so, you can start using it at any time of the year. Use 3 colorful ribbons to flip among weekly, monthly and daily spreads. This planner is for three months because it has a separate page for each day.
• FREE QUICK START GUIDE & STICKERS – This planner and organizer for women and men comes with a free quick guide and stickers.  It is a detailed, step-by-step illustrated user guide for a quick start. It also comes with 6 sheets of colorful planner stickers.

Panda Planner

• The goal of the panda planner is to boost happiness & increase productivity.
• An undated, 3-month planner allows you to start anytime and focus on attainable goals.
• Monthly, Weekly, and Daily sections will organize every aspect of your life and keep you accountable.
• Built in mini-routines based on proven research are engineered to help you build a habit of positivity and develop a growth mindset.
• Follow the simple layout so your priorities are clear and productivity becomes automatic.

Day Designer

The goal of Day Designer is the assist you with and intentional, productive and beautiful life. The Day Designer offers daily, weekly, nondated, and refillable planners.  The website also offers free downloadable printables, digital wallpapers, and zoom backgrounds. Day Designer helps the user learn how to effectively use their planner using the free printable kit and their website.


🌸 The bloom planner is a family of planners.
🌸 This planner features a 2 page monthly overview and spacious weekly views run calendar year, January 2021 through December 2021 — 365 days!
🌸 The calendar contains Monthly tabs, rose gold foil accents, bright white paper, metal lay-flat spiral binding, metal corner protectors, and back inside pocket.
🌸 Sturdy hardcover chipboard covers are durable yet lightweight.
🌸 This planner packed with life 20 coaching worksheets and inspirational features to help you set and achieve all of your goals for the year: personal mission statement prompt and yearly goal setting page, weekly scheduling templates, purpose and values pages, habit tracking, vision board, monthly spending log, to-do list pages, notes pages, contacts/address book pages, inspirational quotes, monthly challenges, and more!


Cambridge planners give you the functionality you need and the styles you want – from daily, weekly, and monthly layouts, we have you covered all year round. Cambridge offers planning products, notetaking products, and free monthly calendar wallpapers, printables, zoom backgrounds, and more inspirations.  

Cambridge has a great article on six ways to use a planner, view the article here  . Artfan

• ★ ArtFan planners come in several sizes, types and forms.
• ★ Standard planner January – December 2021, featuring 12 months of weekly/monthly pages/holidays marked. Having weekly/monthly sections, to help you manage your life efficiently and achieve your goals perfectly.
• ★ These planners come with 16 months 2021-2022 calendar stickers. Past and future monthly referencing in monthly planning pages with notes column for your to do list and other important projects.
• ★ These planners are durable soft leather covers, excellent texture. 2021-2023 yearly holidays lets you master the holidays clearly. The planner offers unruled monthly pages and ruled weekly layouts for detailed planning.
• ★ Thicker, off white paper is used in this 2021 planner. No bleach, which can adequately protect your eyesight and reduce the problem of ink penetrating paper.
• ★ The elastic closure of planner keeps it securely closed. There is elastic pen loop to keep your pen secure plus 2 bookmarks, calendar stickers, and an inner pocket to pack business cards and stickers.


The At-A-Glance planner is a YEAR ROUND PLANNER. This is a simple planner but carries a lot of planning weight. It covers 13 months from January 2021-January 2022. Keep track of important deadlines, special events and more with clear and simple organization. This planner has an improved, high-quality paper is designed for superior ink bleed resistance, which keeps plans neat and legible. One month per two page spread with unruled daily blocks and large block for notes. Perfect for marking key dates, deadlines and writing in reminders. The planner has a designer crocodile-like pattern cover is soft to the touch. Available in assorted colors.The special features of this planner are it expands your organizational skills with special pages. Includes a 3 year reference calendar, holiday listing, future planning and contacts.

Smart Planner Pro

• ✅ LUXURIOUS QUALITY: We know how much you appreciate quality and that’s why we chose luxuriously thicker 120gsm bleed proof paper to ensure a quality experience and to make sure the ink won’t bleed onto the pages. Our beautifully crafted personal organizer features a silky-smooth sleek animal-friendly leatherette hard cover. Our pages have been stitched using the highest quality book binding on the market which allows the day planner to lay flat without the risk of all the pages falling out.
• ✅ 12 MONTHLY PLANNER (Version 2): Includes all 52 weeks and 12 month undated layouts. Don’t be fooled, most undated planners out there are only good for a few months – We do not take shortcuts, it’s all there, the whole year. Our team crafted this A5 notebook with an expandable inner back pocket, elastic strap closure and 3 bookmarks. The inner pages contain monthly calendars, daily schedules, goal setting, weekly scoring, to do lists, notes sections, habit tracking and gratitude affirmations.
• ✅ ACCOMPLISH EVERYTHING YOU SET OUT TO DO: After years of never being satisfied with traditional daily planners the Smart Planner Pro team carefully craft this personal planner taking a scientific approach to productivity and success so that YOU can reach your highest potential. This is the perfect organizer planner for all with a passion to be balanced and turning dreams into a reality.
• ✅ LIVE OUT YOUR GOALS LIKE NEVER BEFORE: Procrastination and lack of organization is just a couple of the main factors that stop people from succeeding and getting things done. The Smart Planner Pro agenda 2021-2022 (Version 2) is designed specifically to make sure you keep yourself on track toward achieving your goals all year long while still managing day-to-day tasks.
• ✅ VEGAN FRIENDLY, ELEGANT AND ATTRACTIVE DESIGN – Our undated Smart Planner Pro would make a great gift. It Includes 3 silk bookmarks for multi-section planning, an elastic strap closure, and an expandable inner back pocket. Our journal arrives in deluxe packaging, ready to be gifted. Surprise your wife, girlfriend, husband, boyfriend, kids, parents, friends or co-workers today!

Christian Planner

• EVERYDAY PLANNER: Meet the Christian planner you could only dream of. A daily planner, productivity tracker ALL-IN-ONE, with a weekend devotional section for Bible study, sermon notes, journaling etc. Keep in tune with Christ, avoid procrastination, and master the art of time management with the Christian Planner. Take control of your life now!
• EVERYTHING YOU NEED: The Christian Planner integrates the key components on how to organize your day for the most success. Featuring a spacious daily planner section, vision board, bucket list, and daily habit tracker we wanted to make sure you have the resources to be unstoppable. To help further manifest your goals, we included a dedicated 2-page spread for weekly devotionals with writing prompts to align your week with the word of God.
• PAGES FOR ALL OCCASIONS: We merge inspiration and organization to create our unparalleled planner. Additionally, we added daily check-ins, an embedded habit tracker, inspirational bible quotes, and verses from different translations of scripture to guide you to set intentions, priorities, and goals to make every day a successful day.
• NEW & IMPROVED FOR 2021: Our spiral planner is available in 2 classic colors: Cloud Grey and Cobalt Blue. We upgraded our planners to include a monthly financial planner; to stay on top of your finances and coloring pages; to help your mind let loose. Each is constructed with a back pocket folder and 272 high-quality pages and our reimagined interior design now leverages elegant eco-friendly FSC Certified Paper. Quality You Trust: Christian Planner is a small family, veteran-owned business. We assure our planners are eco-friendly and made with the highest standards in mind. We use premium genuine leather and FSC Certified Paper; which has to be approved by the Forest Stewardship Council. We guarantee our products will always be delivered with love straight to your door.

Tools 4 Wisdom Toggle Content Boxclever

• Letter size weekly planner 2021 runs January – December 2021. This planner provides room to detail all your appointments & plans, this is the perfect planner 2021 for women.
• This planner contains dot journal pages. This spacious weekly planner was designed with a place for your schedule on one side & a full page of dot grid note space on the other for ideas, plans or lists.
• This planner will allow you to set and achieve your personal goals. Manage your personal targets with dedicated pages to set out your plans & break them down into smaller manageable tasks.
• This planner allows you to easily organize and find your pages with monthly tabs & update your planner with colorful stickers. With month to view calendars, planning pages & bill trackers.
• This is a perfect desk planner has a hardcover with wire binding, lies flat when open so writing in notes or leaving it open on a page is easy. With ribbon page markers, pen loop & pocket.

Happy Planner

dream it*plan it*do it

The Art of the Happy Planner is to follow your wildest dreams, plan big adventures, and accomplish new goals. The Happy Planner is for the Minimalist; the Wellness Warrior; the Savvy Saver; the Stargazer; and the Homebody Seasons.  The Happy Planner has many themes: teacher and student, recipes and meal plans, fitness and wellness, budget, fatih, self-care, seasonal, and rongrong, just to name a few. The happy planner has many essentials, decoration accessories, and extended planning tools.  They also offer free downloads, printables, free digital wallpaper, and zoom backgrounds.  

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