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This wreath was home made with pumpkin sprigs obtained form the Habitat for Humanity Restore.

The season of Fall is the time of the year when the weather changes from heat to calm.  Because I love decorating for every season and any reason, I added a little aspect of Fall into every room in my home.  I have added pictures to this blog post so that you can see the result of my vision for the fall.

In the fall leaves are falling and Autumn is calling.  Autumn is known as the second (2nd) Spring, because like the flowers the bloom in the spring; the colors of the leaves make changes.  Also, remains a times of the year to watch the change of nature appear.  This change is usually a slow change, but if you take time to sit, you can watch the leaves turn colors.

When decorating for the fall, I try to make simple and small, but unique changes.  I have shared pictures of the great room, dining room, sitting room, bedrooms, and bathrooms.  In the living room, I made changes by adding pillows in fall colors and my theme colors.  I added fall-inspired trays and decor.  I Also added a fall theme over the fireplace and on the mantel.  For example, when spelling the word H O M E, I used a pumpkin instead of the letter E. Pumpkins are winter fruits that come out in the fall.  I also added small pumpkins to a try on the coffee table with candle the adorn seasonal colors. I used small floral sprays and ribbon to add flavor to many surfaces; with seasonal colors to adorn areas and flowers were changed throughout adding seasonal joy. I used seasonal colors or flowers to adorn and showcase flowery autumn blooms in my spaces.

Leaves are Falling

Autumn is Calling

Serving for Four
Full view of the Dining Room

The dining room was a focal point in the fall decorating plan, because one of the most significant holidays in the fall is Thanksgiving.  I prepared the dining room table for a Thanksgiving feast.  I highlighted every aspect of the dining table and dresses the buffet for use.  I dressed the table settings to be pleasant to the eye and not too matchy match.  The centerpiece was glamourfied so that the focus was present in the doing room table.  The theme was owls with were using sparingly and adorned the top layers of my place settings.  

Bar Cart
Cinnamon Broom
with chalk and memo board

Autumn is a second spring, when every leaf is a flower…

Next to the Stove
Kitchen counter

Happy Fall Y’all

Everyone must take time to sit and watch the leaves turn colors.

Tulle Wreath on a wall of photos

Most rooms and spaces were dressed with subtle energy with the goal of maintaining comfortability.  In the bedroom, just a simple change to one pillow changed the entire room.  In another bedroom a simple cover a the end of the bed made the entire room change.  This cover pictured may also be used as a table runner when rearranged your fall decor for the next season.  

In some places a simple box or a floral spray gave autumn life to a room or space.  In the bathroom, a simple change of the soap or pump and towel can make the change in the bathroom for that August vibe.  

The main goal of seasonal change should be to give continuous life to your home and happiness to your family and visitors. when selecting your colors, traditional colors are not the rule, but they are an option.  Choose colors that inspire you to fashion your home.  This is the same rule which should apply to your theme.  Choose a theme that gives you the energy and motivation to prepare for and embrace the season.  

Hand towel and soap


Accents on the sink were featured in green and yellow. The tray features soap and lotion buried in green and yellow leaves. This is a whole stem and the steam was twisted in the needed direction.

The vision you have in your mind, should be revealed in the decor you utilize to make your space or home Autumn Complete!!!

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